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Investigative Engineering

Forensic engineering or engineering investigation is the practice of applying scientific engineering principles to determine important details of past events.  Tice Engineering provides forensic engineering services to support insurance claims, the legal community, government & private industry.  Some typical areas supported are:

  • Commercial & Residential property claims

  • Auto accident reconstruction

  • Product liability

  • Personal injury

  • Subrogation

  • Cause & origin investigations

  • Machine or vehicle failure analysis

  • Fire cause & origin investigation

  • HVAC related failures 

  • Fire sprinkler failure investigation

  • Construction related blasting and vibration damage investigation

  • Vehicle headlight analysis

  • Roof leak origin investigation

  • Mold origin investigation

  • Building foundation crack origin investigation 

  • Water infiltration investigation

  • Adjoining property damage issues

  • And more... 

Some of the ways we support these cases are by providing:

  • An explanation of the events based on scientific principles (not hearsay)

  • A written report (by a licenced Professional Engineer) that can be used to support decisions related to a repair, claim or lawsuit.

  • Expert witness and legal case building support.

The photos below show some of the investigations we have worked on:

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