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project descriptions

Since 1997, Tice Engineering has provided engineering work for various customers. Some of these projects are listed here: 

  • Complete mechanical and electrical design and detail drawings for several computer controlled breathing machines. 

  • Engineering site surveys of medical and research hyperbaric facilities. 

  • Forensic analysis of bicycle accidents. 

  • Pressure vessel designs based on pressure vessel codes. 

  • Re-tool design of several types of manufacturing machines.

  • Design of fire suppression systems for several hyperbaric facilities.

  • Designs of electronic enclosures.

  • Design modifications to plastics processing lines.

  • Design of several hyperbaric door-handling mechanisms.

  • Complete design of an intercom system including PC board design.

  • Various proprietary machine design projects.

As a staff engineer for private companies, Mr. Tice has 14 years of experience doing engineering design, detailed machine design, product testing and R&D. The following are some of the projects completed during this time: 

  • Design and fabrication of several machines for the automated assembly of deodorant stick components

  • Design and fabrication of automation machines for a variety of proprietary products. 

  • Design and fabrication of an automated sponge packaging machine. 

  • Design and fabrication of an automated cap closing machine. 

  • Design and fabrication of a computer controlled breathing simulator. 

  • Design and fabrication of a computer controlled facility for fish research. 

  • Project management for a refurbishment project of an environmental control chamber. 

  • Operation of a diving system testing laboratory. Work included fully instrumented breathing performance testing of diving and life support equipment as well as manned testing. 

  • Detailed engineering design of parts for a commercial diving helmet system. 

  • Forensic analysis of diving accidents.

Services offered: 

  • Complete design of automation and testing machines.

  • Detailed design of machine upgrades. 

  • Machine problem solving. 

  • Computer aided design. 

  • Design and application of computer data acquisition and control systems. 

  • Failure analysis. 

  • Prototype development.

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